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Please note these are direct copies of emails we get from our fans and we don't take responsibility for whoemever it may offend.

Sent in by Kris

The show at Ottawa's legion on kent street was to be the second show ever for Sterileyes. A new opportunity to fuck the shit out of ottawa's metal heads. They began with their intro song and proved the crowd that this was no joke, and they were in for a nice taste of new metal. It was quite obvious that the band was feeling discomfort due to certain problems brought to attention like shit drums and horrible sound jobs, but as they did their best to take control, the set progressed into a project to satisfy the crowd. They came out with the second song, as soon as the drums signaled in it was an immediate reaction for the crowd to burst. It was sudden energy that filled the room with dark/heavy yet very melodic sounds. As the song progressed, it was noticeable that the croud was enjoying the set. The next song was a cover of the Sepultura song called "spit." The song was practically mastered and preformed with such intensity, I could barely hold my shit in to my ass. As they got down the list, it was time to send their regards to a beautiful girl that they all know, and they played their slow one for them. It was that perfect timing, cause I was getting exhausted having sterileyes kick my ass for three pumping songs strait. I had a chance to hold the lighter up and then get right back into it for the next song written with the new bassist daav. The new one titled "violator" was a reminder that the night was not over. The final song came with incredible power. It was their most reputable song of the night as it was the one that generated power for the moshers. It's feel for what the future holds for metal was an inspiration to hear, and made me proud to say that I knew those guys. Good job sterileyes, you can count on pounding me at the next one too. (wright a song for me!!!!)

Sent in by Bad Seed

The show was called Paradigm "Chaos" . It happened at the Legion . The main bands i was there to see was Plaything, Sterileyes and my friend's band Outrage...after a very late start and some shitty bands, Outrage took the stage and started with Sellout, which got everybody moving. then they played a new song which kicked ass and as usual Ryan and Adam were in perfect tone with each other it was awesome. the singer from sterileyes got up to do headup by Deftones. that song was crazy as hell mad moshing they finished with Your Fake World.

Next was Sterileyes. my friend Greg's band. I was pretty pissed off because they went on so fucking late i was so tired from Outrage's set. but they started with a revised Intro Song which realy got me jumpin in there. then came a new version of Blown Away. i like the song , it had good melodies and awesome riffs, sort of reminded me of deftones. next was a cover of sepultura which kicked ass. I guess the guy who was runnin the show didn't know what he was doin because apparently their guitar player busted his amp cuz of lack of a right mic for it and the ones on stage were shit. but they played on even tho their singer ruined his voice i think! :) but oh well. . they finished with Lie, and killed the show.

Next was Plaything, whom i had heard alot about. These guys kick so much ass. i had a chance to meet them briefly and they were the coolest guys. they were like the only guys old enough to drink too LOL!!! haha but its too bad you couldn't hear the guitars that well.. and being in a band myself and knowing the business, i would say that at least their promoter could have come up with some better equipment to play thru. either way Plaything kick ed ass until there set came to an abrupt end ...apparently over guitar amps fuckin up!? but whatever i still liked it

all in all, good show. besides misorganization and shitty sounding amps/drums and a steep ticket price, everything was good and i look forward to the next time these bands play.

Sent in By darius

    At some Legion somewhere downtown on Kent Street, a small concert took place with 7 unsigned Indy metal bands playing. I went there with a few friends, including my best buddy Daav (Skeletor, the Bass Bitch) to have a fun time and cheer for his band Sterileyes. Though it took a little longer to set up than expected and the set was put together in a more or less half-assed way by the promoter, it was still worth the 7 bucks and the wait. It started off with a few bands doing some covers and some of their own shit, and Matt (from Sterileyes) did guest vocals for Outrage when the played Headup, by the Deftones. The first few bands weren't bad, but Sterileyes was what I was really waiting for.
    They took a few short minutes to set up the best they could, despite all the difficulties they were experiencing and started off by playing their intro song, a really fast paced start that got some of the crowd, at least, on their feet. Blown Away followed, a song dedicated to the one and only Feefee, which had a slower tempo and a lot more feeling in it. It blended just great with some of the heavier bits, one of my faves. After that they played a cover of Spit by Sepultura, and did a good job of it too. Though by that time it was getting harder to hear the vocals (I blame the set). Violate came next, a song written by my friend Daav, and it rocked. Though most of the crowd was stupid and shy, all my friends, the band Plaything and I went up and moshed like crazy. I missed most of Holly cuz I was pissing, but what little I heard of it wasn't bad. The last song by Sterileyes was Lie, and it was definitely a good way to go out with a bang. I was tired as a motherfucker, but I couldn't help but mosh just a little more before they went off stage. After I left, my ears were ringing and they didn't stop 'till the next day. Can't wait until their next gig. You can count on me, I'll be there.