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January 5

Hey whats goin down !!!!!! its me matt i havent' heard from yall in a while!!!! oh wait i just been too busy to update this shit . We been up to LOTS lately! we got a new guitar player his name is Drew!! he kicks ass! check his profile soon.

We also finished our CD and you can peep our two MP3s

December 20

Hey what up guess what?! we're making our demo CD on friday!!! ya !!! were gonna lay down the three faves voted by YOU , the fans...through our email... .so the CD will feature

We're hoping to send our CD off to Canadian Music Week and hopefully meet the deadline. There will be alot of good bands there and good promos etc.

Anyways, be sure to check out Anti Mtv  and check out the msg board my name is Apico on it . Skinfish is also featured on there. Check them out for sure.

December 15

hey fukkers whats goin down ! i'm so excited for christmas its gona kick ass! hopefully we will get our demo one soon so if you guys wanna get your hands on one be sure to EMAIL   and reserve your copy! no idea on a price yet we will work all that out for individual sales!

We got another review sent to us by a fan who we contacted thru our guestbook. thanks to Bad Seed for puttin that together. check it out HERE another one was also recently added :)

December 9

Yo yo yo matt here. long time no see peeps. Just wanted to let everyone know that we won't be doing much till after christmas. Apparently we owe people money regardless if they deserve it or not so we're workin that off.  and also we busted our amps so we gotta wait and buy more. so once we buy the new equip and with whatever money is left we pay our debts we'll start jammin again. keep comin back tho cuz i'll keep updating with random shit! love all you sterileyes fans! :)

November 27

Hey all Darius did a review of our show. be sure to check it out

We also got a pic of greg up now. go check it in his profile

November 26

Sup all we did our show on the 24th . We played good despite some technical difficulties and i want to apologize to everyone who came and didn't get the full Sterileyes experience. we have a few unconfirmed shows coming up soon and we will keep you posted on those. as well we will have a total review of the show asap for you all. remember to sign the guestbook so i know yall are out there. and keep checkin back every few days; thanks fans see ya soon!

Were also waitin for FiFi to get our pics developped ! hurry up Feef!!!!!!

November 21

Sup .  James is gone. We got a new guy. Dave (aka Skeletor ) check him out in the profiles
Mike won't be playin the show this friday . I (matt) will be doin it all.  Dave is kickin ass in the band he hepled right our new song MOSH! in fact he pretty much came to jam with the song in his head we helped search thru his skull and the many people that live there to find the musician Daav and brougth it out. Reminder show on friday night . Outrage goes on at 630 then i think its Curb, then were on at 9. Be there or suck Sterileyes' dick . latez!

November 15

Hey Hey well Mike is gone. He wasn't totally devoted to Sterileyes and had too many other things going on he couldn't commit fully. And he wanted the band to go in a different direction than it is really going. Hes still one of our best friends and no doubt he'll still be around. In the meantime, we now have Rayne from Paradigm coming in to lend his scream to us.  And even though we love him and wish hed stay, James is leavin too , but we have others comin in to take his place. So dont' worry you loyal Sterileyeserz hehe we'll always keep going.

Onto other news, were tryin really hard to hook up with Big B Productions , all we need is our demo to them and hopefull things will work out,  And we have another show on the 24th at the Legion on 330 Kent Street. Tix are 7$ contact me or get them at the door.

November 11

Yo Matt again . We're going in the studio in like a week once enough people buy our tickets so we can afford the time. Were puttin down three songs, BLown  Lie and Holly and maybe Possessed if we have the cash cuz people at the last show liked those songs best .
anyways  make sure you sign my guestbook cuz i always get back to you and don't click our banners just ignore them hahah stupid banners. we are getting our own domain soon so it will be better . heres our new graphic sent to us by Dalton its chillin thanks go to him and you can reach him on ICQ at 41894713

November 6

Hey what up it's me Matt again.  Nothing new really on the Sterileyes camp. We did a remix of our #1 hit Blown Away. It sounds alot heavier and moody, i'm sure yall will like it at the show:) speakin of shows , we have one on the 25th with Plaything, Flammable Children, Outrage, and Curb.  Make sure you come check it out if you want tix just gimme an email at  and I will set you up . Sign our guestbook if you come thru here i usually get back to everyone who signs it to say thanks! and link us up just use our header at the top of the page and we'll link you as well !:)

November 1

Yo peeps what up its Matt RElaunching our site after i forgot to save it! Sorry everyone. Back to news tho!

We played our first show on the 21st . We killed it!  We played pretty good and smoothly. Unfortunately some shit got stolen and someone will die for it. We owe some people money and shit so were kinda in the hole but you know its all good! We keep kickin it

I'd just like to give a shoutout to my man Finn for making our graphics for us the guys makes SICK graphics.  Make sure you check out his site at

We're lookin for peeps to help us with graphics etc. So if you can do some graphics and especiallyFLASH then make sure to email me at